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Bellevue Cabin Gallery

Des Moines Park Gallery

This historic structure in Des Moines was built over a creek that spans the whole building. The footings of the original building were too low and oftentimes during the winter, the creek would overflow and rise above the building foundation.

Because this was a salmon spawning creek and the fish had to be temporarily removed from the river, we only had 2 weeks before the salmon were due to arrive. We had to secure the foundation of the structure as we moved it completely over to one side as we installed the new foundation that was steel and 24 inch concrete pilings. Then had to move the structure back over to its new footings. Much of the interior and exterior foundation and floor level of the building had to be repaired. The creek now runs unobstructed underneath the Des Moines building and will remain that way permanently.

Paradise Inn Gallery

The Paradise Inn is a historic hotel built in 1916 at 5,400-foot on the south slope of Mount Rainier in Mount Rainier National Park here in Washington. The inn opened on July 1, 1917, and is named after Paradise, the area of the mountain in which it is located. This was a multi-phased project that involved lifting and holding a four story section around a hundred feet long for new foundation reinforcement.

We had to apply tension devises throughout the building section to shift the upper story approximately 1 foot to correct damage caused by severe snow pressure that had caused an imbalance on the foundation. We then moved to the dining hall section, that involved designing and installing lifting devises to support the historical timber columns while new foundation pads were constructed. We provided lift and rigging services for several other areas for the entire renovation of the lodge.

Boat Landing Pergola Gallery