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A common technique used in the Greater Seattle Area to build and repair the foundations of homes is post and pier construction, this allows a job to be done quickly and efficiently while saving you money.

This type of construction is utilized when there is a lack of perimeter foundation or foundation pad. In post and pier construction, the weight of a home is distributed across a series of posts installed under the home and mounted to piers, which are wedge-shaped concrete blocks that distribute the weight across the ground. Typically, posts and piers are mounted all the way around the perimeter, and at key points in the middle of the home to ensure that the floors, and the rest of the house, do not sag.

Due to the nature of this construction, the homes that use this do not have basements, that is a direct result of this method elevating the house off the ground. It is not uncommon to use cladding or facing between the ground and the floor of the home so that the underside of the house is not exposed, although in some regions, this area is left open

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In areas where flooding is common, post and pier construction can significantly reduce flood damage, as the house is lifted above the water. Areas prone to subsidence can also be suitable for this construction method, if you have a perimeter or slab foundation and there is a potential for problems such as cracking, whereas individual posts and piers can be jacked up and replaced as needed. It also tends to keep insects out and reduces mold, mildew, and rot, because it promotes air circulation under the house and lifts the house out of range of insect pests. This is especially useful for the wet rainy weather that occurs in the Puget Sound region including areas of Seattle, Everett, Bellevue and Tacoma.

The danger of post and pier construction is that, if posts or piers start to fail, it can be very dangerous. In perimeter and slab foundations, the weight is distributed very evenly, so even the slightest failure or crack is an issue, but not an immediate safety problem. In post and pier homes, the weight is concentrated on the individual spots, so if something breaks, rots, or shifts, that area of the house may start to sag. In extreme cases, a house may even crack open as the weight shifts across the remaining posts and piers. Interested in new construction piers? Visit more information HERE.