When it comes to repairing a settling foundation, or escaping costly structural repairs before begins, don’t settle for less than the best! On rainy days in Seattle, foundation problems can show up ranging from cracks to settling. Demand the proven foundation stabilization products, engineering and years of experience of Robbins and Co. and get your foundation on solid ground.

Foundation Piering

To take care of your sinking and settling foundation, we make use of piering products from Grip-Tite®. This includes both push piers and helical piers. The piers we use are made from high-quality, durable, tough metal materials that will last for many years to come in the soil surrounding your home.

Push Pier Installation

push piersFirst, we attach to your home’s footing a series of push pier brackets of heavy, industrial-strength steel.

Then, high-pressure equipment hydraulically drives rugged steel piers down to solid bedrock or proper load-bearing strata. Keep in mind that this reinforcement is done below ground, so nothing is exposed. Also, each pier is individually anchored and tested for successful load-bearing.

We have developed test standards that are used on every job to assure the performance of the pier. One out of ten or a minimum of one pier is logged in 1.5 foot increments for the entire depth of the pier. Pressures are logged and the data is plotted for our records and a copy is given to the customer for their records. This information shows the support structure of the soil beneath your home and confirms the remaining piers are at a depth to provide the support. Without this testing we would be unable to confirm the piers are at a depth to provide the support that we are looking for. In addition to the installation data we periodically use digital load cells as a secondary form of testing or as requested by some of the inspectors. For examples:

Grip-Tite pier log pdf Grip-Tite pier log pdf Grip-Tite pier log pdf

Finally, the weight of your home is carefully transferred from unstable soil to rock-solid piers so your home or commercial building is secure with the pier system permanently in place and hidden from view.

quotation marks“My husband and I want to extend our thanks for a job well done. We were pleased by the quick, clean, and professional manner in which our foundation was stabilized this week. You took what potentially can be a stressful situation and made it an easy and painless process for us.

Thanks again to everyone involved from Doug in sales to Robbie and his excellent crew (including Jorge, Chuck, and in particular Kelly). Kudos to all!” ~ S. Slotboon, Seattle, WA


Helical Pier Installation

helical piersThese piers are mechanically screwed into the ground to predetermined depths and capacities effectively transferring the building load to deep, suitable soils. In some cases, Grip-Tite® Helical Piers may be the best option to effectively stabilize a distressed existing foundation.

> Installed in a few days or less
> Piers installed year-round
> Can be installed in areas with limited access
> All support systems out of sight once installation is complete
> Cost-effective

Grip-Tite has over 70 years of experience invested in developing a superior product. The engineered design has passed the rigorous testing required to obtain a legacy report from the International Code Council.

The Grip-Tite system is a cost effective way to raise and level your building. It can be installed in limited-access areas. There are no large beams requiring heavy lifting equipment, there is no waiting for concrete to cure, and it can be installed year round. We carry a limited lifetime warranty on the Grip-Tite Push Pier System.