robbins foundation systemsRobbins and Co started business in 1952 relocating buildings for the construction of I5 and the development of the Denny Regrade project. Our Metro-Seattle and Western Washington area foundation repair projects include:

  • complete foundation repair
  • bowed wall repair
  • sinking slab repair
  • basement waterproofing
  • crawl space services and more.

As a licensed full service general contractor, we also offer all types of construction services, including:

drafting engineering seismic retrofitting
erosion control excavation permitting
masonry plumbing foundations
steel retaining walls landscaping
siding carpentry and more

We specialize in complete construction services — From Start to Finish, and are proud of the fact that a large percentage of our work is a direct result of customer referrals. We have the experience to determine the best solution for each job and to come up with innovative solutions for your project. Whether it’s a customer wanting more headroom in a basement, a foundation raised and leveled, or a complete foundation replacement, Robbins has the personnel and equipment to complete the job in the most cost effective and efficient way.