Project Description:

Interior concrete slab of home was sunk down and sloping throughout the house. Front porch and walkway also had a cracked slab. We performed slab-jacking to raise the interior floor of the home, and pin piles to support the porch and walkway.


angies listThey did a fantastic job. WOW. About 3/4 of the slab on the 1st floor had sunk, creating a slope anywhere from 4-8 inches depending on the room of the house. All of these rooms had noticeable sinking. Robbins was able to raise the slab back to its original height. The floors are level for the first time since I bought it in 1985. Robbins was able to fill the voids under the concrete and literally lift the floor back to its original height.

Watching the process was amazing. Robbins team worked fast and efficiently through the process. The porch now is level too. Doing this has also corrected the roofline of the porch itself and has increased the street appeal. Now when looking at the home you don’t see broken down old home with a broken porch, you actually notice the house. Robbins and Co., along with their team of workers did a fantastic job.

~ T. Grimes, Federal Way


Before After
before-living_room after-living-room2
before-living_room4 after-living-room3
before-living_room3 after-living-room


Before After
before-kitchen after-kitchen
before-kitchen2 after-kitchen4
before-kitchen_sm after-kitchen


Before After
before-utility-room after-utility-room2
before-utility-room after-utility-room
before-utility-room2 after-utility-room3


Before After
before-garage3 after-garage2
before-garage4 after-garage4
before-garage after-garage