With the unstable soils and wet climate in Washington and Oregon, this can cause a leaning chimney problem for many homeowners. Your leaning chimney could be a sign of a more serious foundation problem and settlement issue. Robbins and Company will repair your leaning chimney using our guaranteed solution using deep driven steel piers. This allows the piers to rest on a solid layer instead of unstable soils, which can shift and expand due to moisture. Once the chimney is stable, our expert crew lifts your chimney to maximum practical recovery.

Our patented steel piers are manufactured by Grip-Tite from high-quality, high-carbon steel that feature a thermoplastic coating specifically designed to be tough, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Knowing that Grip-Tite products are manufactured to strict specifications and guideline with almost no failures provides you and your family with peace of mind.

leaning chimney before leaning chimney after

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