Robbins and Company utilizes the Grip-Tite Push Pier System for structural foundation repair where the actual foundation is lifted and supported by large steel brackets that slip under the foundation footing. Each bracket is supported by a steel tube hydraulically driven down to bedrock or proper load bearing strata, stabilizing the foundation and preventing further settling. Each pier is individually anchored and tested for successful load bearing.

Grip-Tite has over 70 years of experience invested in developing a superior product. The engineered design has passed the rigorous testing required to obtain a legacy report from the International Code Council.

WA State Contractors No. ROBBICH169NQ

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Push Pier

ICC Push Piers Legacy Report Push Pier Technical Report Grip-Tite 3″ Diam Push Piles
Pressure vs Capacity Table
pdf pdf pdf


Push Pile Installation Schematic


Helix Technical Report Helical Leads and Extensions Square Tube Helical Piles
pdf pdf pdf


Helical Pier Installation Helical Pile Compression
Capacity and Required Torque
pdf pdf

Wall Anchor

Grip-Tite Wall Anchor Site Manual

Other Resources

Grip-Tite Product Properties Foundation Pier Components Slab Pier Brackets
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Lateral Earth Pressure Parameters