Most Seattle homeowners don’t give much thought to the area below their home if they have a crawl space. After all, they don’t have anything stored here, so what does it matter if there is also water and mold found in this area? Actually, at Robbins and Co., we know that what happens in your crawl space can have a huge influence on the rest of your family’s home, including for your health and well-being. View our service area HERE.

quotation marks“Regarding the encapsulation work your company did at my house, I am very pleased. Every person that I dealt with was very professional, courteous and kind. Thank you very much.” ~ J. Rasmussen Arlington, WA

An un-sealed crawl space lets in moisture whenever it rains, or when you have melting snow on your lawn. All of this moisture can damage your wooden supports and floor joists, leading to serious damage to the structural integrity of your entire home – including sagging floors. Also, all of this rotting wood can be very inviting to unwanted critters, including termites, roaches, mosquitoes, rats, snakes, spiders and more.

toxic black moldAdditionally, moisture and high levels of humidity below your home can lead to mold growth.

Mold is a dangerous fungus that is usually dark green or black in color.

It can lead to a variety of health problems, including: asthma attacks, headaches, skin rashes, cold or flu-like symptoms, fatigue, bronchitis and more.

crawl space encapsulationCrawl Space Encapsulation

Without proper treatment with crawl space encapsulation, your home could be at risk of being exposed to a lot of serious damage. While each house is different, there are some standard products in our industry that Robbins and Co. uses routinely in handling crawl spaces.

We will do an inspection of your particular scene and recommend the best treatment for what you need. An untreated wet crawl space causes structural damage to a foundation, so why wait?

Let one of our professionals inspect your crawl space and prescribe a treatment system that will provide great protection at a great price, and help you lower your energy bills while increasing your property value!


We can install:

  • Vapor barriers
  • Floor liners
  • Thermal barriers
  • Sump pumps
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Drainage systems
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