What Is Slab Jacking and How Does It Work?

Slab jacking (also known as mudjacking) is one of the best ways to stabilize cracked or broken concrete driveways, floors or sidewalks. Does your driveway seem to have portions that have sunken in? Perhaps you have concrete in another area of your property that is no longer level. Slab jacking, in short, is a method of replacing material from under a slab that’s no longer present. Over time, material under concrete can wash away and erode. Slab jacking helps you to create a level surface again. The team at Robbins and Co. can help you with this reliable service.

How Does Slab Jacking Work?

Our team will arrive at your home or business with a truck containing the necessary cement mixture. Experienced technicians will work to identify the areas that need treatment. Generally, this depends on where the slab has fallen, the degree of which it has fallen, and which areas overall need attention. Based on the area that needs repair, technicians will drill holes into the slab. These holes are spread out over the slab so that we can pump cement-like material into them and raise the level of the concrete.

Once the necessary holes are in place, the next step is to pump the concrete-like mix into them through a long hose. In doing this, the material will fill up the void under your slab and raise the concrete level. In a few minutes, you’ll notice that the level of the slab is rising. This happens naturally as the material is pumped into the void. This allows the material to evenly spread and fill the area, raising the slab, and creating a very level surface.

After the thick material is in place and holding the slab level, the rest of the void is filled with another, thinner material. This material fills in the rest of the void and the holes to create a solid, durable surface. The holes are patched and the area is clean. Once complete, it is hard to tell the project was completed except for the fact that the surface is now level.

Before After
slab jack - before slab jack - after

Who Can Benefit From Slab Jacking?

If you have a driveway, parking lot or other cement surface that isn’t level anymore, for any reason, call the team at Robbins and Co. We’ll provide you with a full NO cost NO obligation consultation to determine if this process is beneficial to you and what the end result will be. In nearly all cases, you’ll see marked improvement in the safety of the slab as well as in the long term durability of it.

Robbins and Co. are Foundation Repair and Drainage Solution professionals in business since 1952. CONTACT US today at 206.244.1023 for a no-cost consultation or just to ask us a question. We look forward to talking with you.

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