Top 4 Signs You Have a Drainage Problem

drainage issuesDoes water move away from your home properly, ensuring that your foundation is safe? If you have any of these four signs of water drainage problems, it’s essential that you seek out a trusted professional to address the underlying cause. Drainage problems lead to damage to your foundation or the home’s overall structural stability, and they can create mold and mildew concerns that impact your family’s health. They can also create very expensive repairs to existing structures and decrease the value of your home. The good news is, if you pay attention to these drainage concerns today, you may be able to avoid these complex concerns.

Do You Have a Drainage Concern?

If you have any of the following situations occurring in your home, it’s best to give our team a call for assistance:

  • You have cracks in your foundation. Walk around the exterior of your home looking at the very base or foundation. Do you notice cracks there? Now, head indoors to the lowest level. Look for any cracks in the walls or at the base of the structure. These cracks nearly always lead to moisture problems.
  • Do your downspouts and gutters overflow when it rains? In very heavy rainstorms, this overflow happens in nearly all situations. However, if it happens all of the time, you may have a blockage, a broken or damaged gutter or a clog. This can put your roof and building structure at risk, as well as contribute to foundation concerns as the water leads to erosion along the base of your home.
  • You have water stains in your basement. Whether in the ceiling or walls, or even along the home’s basement foundation, water spots – both wet and dry – are a clear sign of a moisture problem. These could be coming from water seeping in after a storm, plumbing problems, or more significant concerns.
  • Your mulch or soil seems to run off. After it rains, do you notice soil or mulch moving down your driveway or into lower portions of your yard? This indicates that water isn’t being moved away from the home in the proper manner.

Gutters OverflowingWhy does it matter? Moving water away from your home protects your home’s foundation. It ensures that soil that’s supposed to remain against the home to protect your foundation doesn’t wash away. It keeps moisture within your home at bay, which is critical for protecting your health and the home’s stability.

What should you do if you notice drainage problems? It’s always important to act quickly. We recommend calling our professionals out for an inspection and consultation. We’ll determine where the risk is and what steps need to be taken to reduce the impact.

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